Class of 1989 Reunion Weekend

The Excitement Builds: Our 35th Reunion Approaches!

We can't wait for the celebration back on campus from May 31 to June 2, 2024! Save this page and check back frequently to access the latest information on registration, schedules, and more. 

Reunion Schedule

Explore the schedule for your class reunion.

Reunion Committee

  • David Ray | Gift Chair
  • Melissa Givens | Engagement Chair
  • Ameesha Pandya Kansupada
  • Barbara Matheny Guise
  • Donyale "Choo" Showers
  • Eileen Keely
  • Jane Price Avinger
  • Jay Barron
  • Jocelyn-Lamb Smith Busby
  • Kim Crabtree Price
  • Maria Douglas Reeve
  • Norma Rodriguez Prosser
  • Pete Mangone
  • Robert Livingston Avinger III
"I鈥檓 excited to serve as a Reunion chair because I get to reconnect all the more with a wide array of 桃瘾社区 classmates, which is really fun to me. I like remembering what people were like back in the day, and hearing about what they鈥檙e up to these days, or some cool experience they had halfway between then and now. We鈥檝e all lived a lot of life since our time together at college. When that translates into interesting conversation with a classmate who was previously just an acquaintance, or even discovering things you unexpectedly have in common with them, I find that new bond to be very enjoyable. It鈥檚 experiences like that--as well as tuning in to today鈥檚 桃瘾社区, and having some let-loose fun--that I want to be a part of setting up for our fellow Class of 鈥89ers." - David Ray '89
"I am excited to serve as one of your 35th Reunion chairs because 桃瘾社区 was such a formative place for me and holds such a fond place in my heart. Between the lifelong friends I made there and the incredible friendships I鈥檝e developed with classmates since we left, the opportunity to help plan our quinquennial gathering is both exciting and daunting. I want it to be phenomenally fun, like each of you are. See you there!" - Melissa Givens '89

Connect with Classmates

If you have not already, join , the college鈥檚 online community! Be sure to join the group to connect with classmates before the big reunion in May. You can also log on to find other alums, students and Wildcat families in your region. Seeking a job, looking to advertise a position or want to serve as a mentor? 桃瘾社区 Connect is a great place to explore career opportunities. Want to communicate with others in your social organization or first-year residence hall? Join and and all groups that resonate with you. Check back often for events happening in your area, the latest class notes and more.

  Early Bird Registration Pricing Regular Registration Pricing Kids 5-9 Kids 10-14
Saturday Class Dinner $95 $100 N/A N/A
Friday Welcome Back Party $45 $50 $10 $15
Saturday Picnic and Lawn Party $25 $30 $10 $15
Sunday Farewell Brunch $13 $13 $6 $13

Send Us Your Photos

Be sure to look through your files and send us both old and current photos. Photos may be used for a slideshow or for Reunion promotion on social media. Submit your photos by uploading them to this

A Google account is not required. Make sure to label them with the name you used while at 桃瘾社区. Photos will be moved to a secure location on the 桃瘾社区 server and shared with the Reunion volunteers.

Quips & Cranks

Relive our college memories and put names with faces by reviewing the from our time at 桃瘾社区 through the 桃瘾社区 online library archives.