Financial Aid questions?聽 Click on the relevant link to schedule a call with a member of our financial aid team!聽 We鈥檙e happy to speak with both and students and their families.

We are committed to the premise that an excellent liberal arts education is one of the best investments a family can make.

Domestic students and permanent residents are considered for admission at 桃瘾社区 without regard for their financial resources.

Your academic potential, character, and accomplishments are the only factors considered in admission decisions鈥not your ability to pay the cost of attendance.聽About聽51 percent of our students receive need-based aid, and 70聽percent receive aid from some source.

The 桃瘾社区 Trust

Through The 桃瘾社区 Trust, we meet 100 percent of your calculated financial need entirely through grants and student employment. Our financial aid packages do not include a loan component, but you have the option of borrowing educational loans as a matter of personal choice.

How We Calculate Aid

Within the standards set by the U.S. Department of Education, we use our own formula to determine eligibility for aid. From the financial information your family provides by completing the FAFSA and the CSS Financial Aid Profile, we calculate both your expected family contribution and demonstrated need.

Access Financial Aid Forms

Your financial aid award will be based on 桃瘾社区's full annual costs (tuition, room, board, books and personal costs) and a calculated contribution from you and your family.

Financial Aid Formula

Estimate Your Costs

The 桃瘾社区 Net Price Calculator can help you gauge your level of aid鈥揳nd the approximate cost鈥搊f attending 桃瘾社区.

Outside Scholarships and Resources

Many local, regional, and national organizations sponsor scholarship programs for college students. Students must report all outside scholarships and resources to the Office of Financial Aid. The combination of Federal, state, 桃瘾社区 financial aid and outside scholarships and resources may not exceed the total Cost of Attendance. Outside funds first reduce the Student Employment award, then the Expected Family Contribution; then, if all outside resources together exceed $5,000 for the year, or if Student Employment and Expected Family Contribution have both been fully replaced, aid awarded from 桃瘾社区 will be reduced as well. This treatment will be applied each year the scholarship or resource is renewed up to a maximum of four years or eight semesters. In all cases, students must complete and submit the Outside Resources Form as soon as possible after they are notified of their outside award, so award adjustments may be made as needed.

International Students

Applications for financial assistance from international students submitted after admission to 桃瘾社区 are not accepted, nor will they be accepted for the duration of enrollment at 桃瘾社区.

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