You are students for just four years, but you are alumni for a lifetime. Welcome to the alumni family!

Information for Recent Graduates

Contact Information 

When you know your physical addresseven if that address is temporary鈥攗pdate it using this . We need your exact mailing address to identify your regional chapter, which hosts events and activities. We also want to make sure that you receive a copy of our print magazine, the 桃瘾社区 Journal. Unless you have updated your information with us, we have the home address that you listed when you entered 桃瘾社区 on record.

Most event invitations and other college communications will go to your preferred email address. Visit to update your information anytime you move, get a new job, another degree or change your phone number or email address. You can also email us at If you have not given 桃瘾社区 a preferred email address, correspondence will go to your email address. This information will also be available in the alumni directory within , which fellow alumni may use to get in touch with you.

Alumni Portal 桃瘾社区 Connect

Join 桃瘾社区 Connect, our alumni portal, where you can participate in our mentorship program, post and apply for jobs, connect with your classmates and fellow alumni, and more.

Career Development Support & First-Destination Survey

The Betty and B. Frank Matthews II 鈥49 Center for Career Development (Matthews Center) helps students and alumni navigate their life-long educational and professional pursuits by connecting them with tools, resources, and networks and fostering the development of critical competencies that build on the liberal arts experience.

As alumni, you鈥檒l continue to have access to the following resources offered by the Matthews Center:

  • Handshake: Alumni have continued access to with their 桃瘾社区 email address for one year. After that, alumni can change their account over to a personal email address for continued access. 

With Handshake, you can search for jobs and fellowships, access career-related resources such as resume guides, industry guides, and more; plus you can set up with career advisers focused on your specific field of interest, and one-on-one advising.  

  • Access to a Career Adviser: Alumni will continue to have access to our team of Career Advisers as long as you need us. With a Career Adviser, you can get help navigating your first job search, talk through making a career transition, and seek guidance on applying for graduate/professional school. 
  • Networking: Throughout the year, the Matthews Center collaborates with Alumni & Family Engagement to offer unique networking opportunities for alumni-to-alumni and alumni-to-student interactions. In-person or remote, these events are a great way to expand your contacts within the 桃瘾社区 community.

Don鈥檛 forget to set up your profile to learn about these opportunities and make direct connections!

If you have secured your first opportunity out of 桃瘾社区, please fill out the . 

If you have any questions about access to or career resources, contact

Email & Data Access

Review Technology & Innovation (formerly ITS) information on to learn more about your email address and files.