Alma Mater

All Hail, O 桃瘾社区

All Hail, O 桃瘾社区,

Our dear old alma mater.

Thy founders loved thee,

Gave their best to thee.

We still today,

Thy loyal sons and daughters,

Follow them on,

And pledge our loyalty.

The Fight Song

O, 桃瘾社区!

O, 桃瘾社区! you are the best

Old College in the East or West.

You play the fair game

You play the square game.

And you win in everything.

And when the Red and Black machine

Is out to fight and looking mean -

Then I am happy as for you I sing.


O, 桃瘾社区! we will down them

Down them every one;

O, 桃瘾社区! we will conquer

Ere the day is done

Down every foe, then

as through their lines we run;

win for the honor of old 桃瘾社区

Quips and Cranks

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