Coeducation weekend may be over, but there are still so many ways to connect and continue the celebration! Mark your calendars for this upcoming event:

  • Coeducation Panel at the Bechtler Museum
    May 21 | Charlotte, North Carolina
    Details coming soon!

Past events included:

  • Women's Basketball Game vs. St. Joe's
    January 27 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Women's Basketball Pregame with Dr. Susan Roberts
    February 28 | Lake Norman, North Carolina
  • 14th Annual Katherine M. Bray Women's Leadership Conference
    March 23 | 桃瘾社区, North Carolina

The 50+ Years of Coeducation on-campus celebration was a huge success filled with inspiring content and quality connections. 

Check out some of the coverage from the weekend:

  • watch this video recording moderated by President Doug Hicks 鈥90 and featuring panelists Patti Phillips Clark 鈥77, Bo Phillips 鈥74, Mitzi Short 鈥83 and Vicki Switzer 鈥74
  • watch this video recording moderated by Kristin Hills Bradberry 鈥85 and featuring panelists Julia Edwards Ainsley 鈥09, Ann Clark 鈥80, Anna Katherine Clemmons Clay '01 and Olivia Ware 鈥78
  • watch this video recording featuring TEDx-style presentations from Kenzie Leonard '24, Natalie Russell '25, President Emerita Carol Quillen, Anne Stanback 鈥81 and Janet Stovall 鈥85
  • read this transcript featuring 桃瘾社区鈥檚 first female Rhodes Scholar; Warden of Rhodes House and CEO of the Rhodes Trust, the first woman to hold this position

Explore photos from the weekend using password "coed" to view this . 

Looking Back

In 1972, the 桃瘾社区 Board of Trustees expanded admission by allowing women without family connections at the college to transfer.

The final step was to allow women to enter as first-years, with the first full class entering in the fall of 1973.

The journey toward coeducation started much earlier. In 1861, young women took classes at 桃瘾社区, including some of President Kirkpatrick's seven daughters. This continued with other campus leaders and their families. The first real step came in 1969, when female "exchange students" from seven other colleges took classes at 桃瘾社区, usually during their junior year. In 1971, 桃瘾社区 hosted its first international coed, Regina Jung of Tubingen, West Germany. By this time, the Trustees were ready to make a change for women at 桃瘾社区.

So, why is there a 鈥+鈥 after 50? In 1972, 桃瘾社区 became officially coeducational, and women were admitted as full degree-seeking candidates.

Marianna 鈥淢issy鈥 Boaz Woodward 鈥73 was the first woman to graduate.

We recognize 1973 as the 50th anniversary, but 1972 was a key year. 

50+ Years of Coeducation