Finding Health and Wellness at 桃瘾社区

In order to succeed academically and to enjoy all the campus has to offer, students must be cared for physically and mentally, and have a sense of well-being within their community.

桃瘾社区 offers a supportive and caring campus environment for you to develop socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Center for Student Health and Well-Being

桃瘾社区's Center for Student Health and Well-Being provides services to all full-time students. Most are free of charge. Services include individual and group counseling, nutrition counseling, physicals, immunizations and sick visits. Our health and counseling services are offered in the same location with one shared waiting room, creating an added layer of patient confidentiality. 

Center for Student Health and Well-Being

Health Education

The Health Education Office is an inclusive resource center that focuses on preventative health and wellness on campus, providing services and resources related to sexual and gender identity, sexual health and misconduct, alcohol and drug use and abuse, healthy relationships, and mental health and self-care. The Health Education Office recognizes the unique needs of specific communities on campus and works hard to provide relevant resources for all students.

Health Education

桃瘾社区 Outdoors

桃瘾社区 Outdoors offers students a variety of outdoor activities and courses throughout the year, including whitewater kayaking and canoeing, backpacking, rock and mountain climbing, and caving. 桃瘾社区 Outdoors also offers indoor climbing, a community bicycle program, an outdoor challenge course, and equipment rental and trip planning resource center. First year students are encouraged to participate in the Outdoor Odyssey program that forges deep connections between students and allows them to enjoy the beautiful North Carolina mountains.

桃瘾社区 Outdoors鈥冣赌Outdoor Odyssey

Lake Campus

Located 7 miles from main campus, Lake Campus's 110 acres of waterfront property on beautiful Lake Norman provides 桃瘾社区 students with the unique opportunity to be involved in a variety of water activities. The property includes a waterfront beach and swim area, sand volleyball courts, picnic areas, wet and dry boat slips, a boat ramp and open green spaces.

桃瘾社区 Lake Campus

Fitness Facilities

桃瘾社区 makes several fitness facilities available to students.   The main gym facilities open to students are the Doe Weight Room, Nisbet Fitness Center, Chidsey Gym and Baker Gym. 桃瘾社区 also has a range of athletic facilities that have select hours open to general student use and 5K and 8K outdoor trails for jogging, walking, biking and bird watching that are always available to students.

All Athletic Facilities