A Resource for 桃瘾社区 Parents & Families

Thank you for entrusting your students to us for what we hope will be among the best four years of their lives. At 桃瘾社区, we are committed to fostering the holistic well-being and success of each student. That success depends on many things. In the most fundamental ways, a student鈥檚 success depends on the student.聽

However, a student鈥檚 success also depends on the support and encouragement of others. It depends on 桃瘾社区 programs and services that are designed with student success in mind. It depends on the support of parents, guardians and mentors. It depends on you and us and so many others, and it requires our collective willingness, in just the right moment, to simply let go.

We view our relationship with you and your students as a partnership, and we believe when families engage in an effective partnership with the college, student success is enhanced. This gateway is designed to help build that relationship. Here you will find answers to questions you may have about 桃瘾社区, opportunities for you to be an engaged member of the 桃瘾社区 community and resources to help you support your student through their 桃瘾社区 journey.