Your holistic adviser is here to provide support and guidance as you make the transition from high school to college and until you select a major. We look forward to working with you during your first four semesters at 桃瘾社区.

Holistic Advising

桃瘾社区 has a wealth of resources available for your academic and personal success. Your holistic adviser will work with you to explore courses in a variety of subjects, and ultimately help you decide on a subject area to pursue for your major. Your adviser will also check in with you about your overall well-being.

Your holistic adviser can connect you with the necessary academic support you may need, whether it's tutoring (available free of charge in a wide range of subjects), writing support, or assistance with research, data interpretation, presentations and lab reports, we are here to assist you in your academic pursuits and growth.

Course Registration

All students register for courses initially using WebTree. The Registrar provides first-year course selection advice including tips for choosing courses, schedule recommendations and special programs that are only available to first-year students. Students will meet with their holistic adviser to receive their registration PIN, review their initial schedule and make any necessary changes. During the first week of the semester, use the online system to add/drop courses.

Graduation Requirements

Familiarize yourself with what is required to graduate from 桃瘾社区. All students must fulfill the Writing, language, physical education, Cultural Diversity, Justice, Equality and Community, and Ways of Knowing requirements in addition to the requirements of their major to graduate. Be mindful of these graduation requirements, and utilize DegreeWorks in  as you plan out your semesters and register for courses.

Student Support Services

We are dedicated to the physical, emotional and mental well being of every 桃瘾社区 student. Our Center for Student Health and Well-Being provides services to all full-time students, including health education, individual and group counseling, and a wide variety of resources and information. Other areas of support include, Academic Access and Disability Resources Office (AADR), Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion (CSDI), and Religious and Spiritual Life

Career Development

Visit the Betty and B. Frank Matthews II 鈥49 Center for Career Development (Matthews Center) during your time at 桃瘾社区 to explore how your academic and personal interests relate to future professional opportunities. 

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