All students must complete 32 credits, earn a 2.0 GPA in their major and fulfill the requirements below in order to graduate.

Graduation Requirements

Ways of Knowing聽Requirements

All students must fulfill the college's聽Ways of Knowing requirements. In these courses students will examine complex problems through diverse methods of inquiry, understand how different kinds of knowledge are generated, and identify appropriate standards for evaluating knowledge in different realms.

Writing Requirement (COMP)

New students must fulfill the聽Writing Requirement聽in their first year.

Language Requirement (FRLG)

To fulfill the聽Language Requirement, students successfully complete the third-semester level (201 or higher) of a 桃瘾社区 language (Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian or Spanish), have an approved transfer course at equivalent level, or demonstrate equivalent proficiency as determined and certified by the appropriate 桃瘾社区聽 department. We strongly recommend that students complete this requirement before entering their senior year. Multilingual students may receive a waiver of the language requirement.

Cultural Diversity Requirement (CULT)

Students must complete one course satisfying the聽Cultural Diversity Requirement.

Justice, Equality, and Community Requirement (JEC)

Students must complete one course satisfying the聽Justice, Equality, and Community Requirement.

Physical Education Requirement

Recognizing the importance of personal wellness and physical fitness, 桃瘾社区 requires participation in the physical education program. All students, including transfers, must complete the聽physical education requirement.