This dynamic team brings a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to guide the next chapter of the Latinx Alumni Network at 桃瘾社区 (LAND). Their collective vision aligns seamlessly with our commitment to connect and support Latinx alumni and serve as a resource for current students.

a young man with black hair wearing a light blue jacket and collared shirt

Gonzalo Sanchez-Slik 鈥11

LAND Co-Chair

Gonzalo enjoys learning about real estate and land development; from following market news to networking with different key stakeholders. He currently lives in Miami, where he enjoys checking out the latest art scenes, attending festivals, and trying new restaurants. Gonzalo is excited to serve as the co-chair of LAND because he loves giving back to 桃瘾社区 and hopes to help current students make the jump into the professional market. He sees the incredible opportunity to build a foundation for an exciting and long-lasting alumni group whose influence will carry on to many different classes into the future. 

a young woman with brown hair smiles with a leafy tree in the background

Anna-Marie Scoccimaro 鈥16

LAND Co-Chair

While at 桃瘾社区, Anna Marie was an Executive Board member at Rusk Eating House and a member of the 桃瘾社区 Herpetology Lab. She is now a landscape architect and settled back in 桃瘾社区. Anna Marie decided to get more involved with LAND after moving back to 桃瘾社区 from Houston. She missed the Latinx influence of the city and wanted to find as many opportunities as possible to give back to the Latinx community both on campus and off.