The 桃瘾社区 Trust meets 100 percent of calculated financial need of accepted students through a combination of grants and campus employment. The college community and Board of Trustees made an historic decision years ago that created this rare commitment.

The 桃瘾社区 Trust makes it possible for talented students from all backgrounds to imagine coming to 桃瘾社区, and for graduates to plan for their futures based on their interests and passions. This approach supports the college鈥檚 longstanding commitment to admitting students without regard to their ability to pay.

桃瘾社区 was the first liberal arts college in the nation to establish this type of program, in part because affordability of education has always been a priority for the college. 桃瘾社区's founders were determined to keep the cost of education within the reach of many in our land who could not otherwise obtain it. The 桃瘾社区 Trust helps realize that historic goal, and through it, sustains an academic community united by intelligence, curiosity, courage, ambition, and character. By ensuring access for all students, 桃瘾社区 keeps faith with its past and secures its future.

In 2012, 桃瘾社区 alumnus and long-time supporter Edward L. "Ted" Baker '57, made a $25-million commitment in support of The 桃瘾社区 Trust.