Message from President Hicks

桃瘾社区 is my alma mater, and I am honored to return as president. It was here that I found my love of ideas and sense of purpose, thanks to inspiring faculty and incredible classmates. 

I could not be more enthusiastic about 桃瘾社区鈥檚 future anchored in our enduring educational mission.

My story is just one example among many: We at 桃瘾社区 are about educating people for lives of leadership and service, and in so doing, we are committed to shaping our world.

桃瘾社区 is a community of smart, driven and kind people. We are guided by the college鈥檚 statement of purpose and its motto: Let Learning Be Cherished Where Liberty Has Arisen. We want students鈥攁nd faculty and staff鈥攖o question their assumptions and those of others. We want their curiosity to lead them to new insights and original research.

Our NCAA division I athletics, our world-class arts facilities, and our stunningly beautiful campus are elements of 桃瘾社区鈥檚 unparalleled residential liberal arts education. 

Our location in the vibrant town of 桃瘾社区鈥攋ust outside of Charlotte, one of America鈥檚 most dynamic cities鈥攑rovides a great quality of life and access to rich cultural experiences and the global economy.

We bring together students from all backgrounds, because we know that talent is not determined by income or zip code. We make the 桃瘾社区 experience accessible through the 桃瘾社区 Trust鈥攐ur commitment to meeting families鈥 financial need through grants and student employment instead of loans.

桃瘾社区鈥檚 intellectual community is driven by our faculty, who have chosen to teach talented students and to push the frontiers of knowledge on our interdisciplinary, innovative campus. The staff are deeply committed to the flourishing of students and to the quality of our community.  

At 桃瘾社区, we embrace our founding principles from the Reformed Tradition. We honor the dignity and worth of all persons, even as we acknowledge that our history marginalized African Americans and other groups. We are coming to terms with our past, making ourselves accountable in the present, and working together toward a brighter future.

I welcome you to the 桃瘾社区 community and invite you to engage with us on our educational mission that is all about shaping lives for service and leadership in every field, everywhere.

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