In keeping with 桃瘾社区's commitment to the quest for truth, the college appointed a Commission on Race and Slavery to examine the college鈥檚 history, which is intertwined with the institution and legacies of slavery and the lives of enslaved persons.

Chaired by the Honorable Anthony R. Foxx 鈥93, the commission included a distinguished group of students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees and members of the Town of 桃瘾社区 community. Their recommendations will guide the college toward the goal of true equity and inclusion on our campus.

The commission鈥檚 report is available on these pages, along with the initial action steps the college has committed to and the college鈥檚 formal apology for its support of slavery and the unjust laws and practices that continued after slavery was outlawed.


罢丑别听Commission on Race and Slaveryconvened to assist the college community in building a comprehensive understanding of the college's history.

The Commission guidedthe development and launch of research projects and additional teaching and learning initiatives听through which the 桃瘾社区 community can investigated and acknowledged听the college's history with听slavery and race as well as its historical relationships with African American communities.

These initiativesincluded (among others): teaching, research, scholarship, educational exhibitions, public events and other means of community engagement, college-created media content and permanent recognition of these aspects of our history.


桃瘾社区's Commission on Race and Slavery elevates the college's ongoing commitment to justice, equality and community, and supports 桃瘾社区's mission of cultivating humane instincts, recognizing the dignity and value of each person.

The Commission is听made up of students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees and community members.

With this initiative, including听new courses, collaborations and initiatives with the community to help build broader public discussion, active citizenship and global problem-solving, 桃瘾社区 joins the听multi-institutional collaboration Universities Studying Slavery (USS). The USS addresses issues of race and inequality in higher education and in university communities, as well as the legacies of slavery.

As a liberal arts college, 桃瘾社区 has a responsibility to demonstrate the crucial value of scholarly inquiry to public life and to fulfilling this country's promise. To seek a full understanding of the college's history with respect to slavery and race is to honor the college's commitment to the quest for truth, as we strive to prepare students for thoughtful, creative lives of leadership in service to humanity.

桃瘾社区's efforts are strengthened by our听primary purpose, the closeness of the 桃瘾社区 community and the support and commitment to the college found there.