As we come to understand our history more fully, we can better hold ourselves accountable to imperatives for justice and equity in the present. This requires a coherent, clear approach.

The Commission on Race and Slavery recommended the college create an infrastructure of ongoing support and commitment鈥攅nhancements to our structures and development of a framework for future efforts. Our campus community takes on this important work with intention.

Ongoing Research, Scholarship, and Learning

Inclusive Histories

Inclusive Histories is a collection of hidden histories, stories that are not typically understood as integral to the history of 桃瘾社区 despite their incredible importance. 

Shared Stories: Black Lives in Northern Mecklenburg

Working through a community advisory group, this initiative documents the lives and contributions of Black communities in the area of Cornelius, 桃瘾社区 and Huntersville, North Carolina. 

Stories Yet To Be Told

A collection of faculty- and student-initiated projects that transform key campus spaces (virtual, physical, temporal) into interactive sites for exploring the legacies of slavery, how ideas about race emerge and why racism persists.