If you're new to 桃瘾社区, Technology & Innovation (T&I) has the resources to help you get successfully set up with all your technology needs鈥攆rom setting up your network account to getting the software you might need.


T&I provides each student with a network account (used for email, Moodle, and other campus services) before they arrive on campus鈥攖his account gives you access to essential tools and services every student needs. Your 桃瘾社区 account is protected by  and you'll enroll in Duo as part of your account setup.

While most students choose to bring a computer, it鈥檚 not required. Visit a computer lab or check out a laptop from one of our kiosks. If you need a computer for the semester, you may apply to get a loaner laptop. Quantities are limited and are allocated by financial need.

Check out our  article to learn how you can get started with your technology needs at 桃瘾社区.

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Faculty & Staff

Your 桃瘾社区 network account (your davidson.edu email address and , plus ) connects you to the network and provides access to the tools you need to teach and work at 桃瘾社区. In addition to your account, we work with your department to provide each faculty and staff member with a computer that meets the demands of their position.

When you join 桃瘾社区, your orientation session will include important information about IT security鈥攖opics include password and data security, managing phishing attempts and more.


T&I is committed to supporting faculty research and instruction. Our classrooms are equipped with audiovisual technology to facilitate presentations and interaction.  is our learning management system鈥攜our home for course management鈥攁nd the library's team provides consulting for applying technology in courses. T&I supports research and academic computing needs through the Ada Lovelace Research Computing Cluster.

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T&I provides the core services and software you need to be productive and contribute to your department鈥檚 business goals in pursuit of 桃瘾社区鈥檚 mission.

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Visitors & Guests

For visitors from participating colleges and universities, T&I offers eduroam WiFi roaming, enabling automatic, secure access to the Internet. 

We also provide 桃瘾社区Guest, an unencrypted wireless network for all other visitors and guests; no password is required.

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