Spring Semester

Students who are abroad or on leave in the spring semester and intending to be on campus for the upcoming fall must select a room during the spring lottery process.

The lottery process is designed to allow students to participate electronically from anywhere they have internet access, so most students abroad or on leave follow the same timeline and application deadlines as students who are studying on campus. Students should watch for email notices from RLO regarding the lottery timeline and application processes, and contact RLO@davidson.edu with questions.

If Internet access is limited during the room selection period, you can designate a proxy to select on your behalf by emailing RLO@davidson.edu with the proxy's name the week before.

Fall Semester

Students should participate in the spring lottery process to select a room until they submit their Official Leave Notification questionnaire to the Office of Education Abroad, no later than March 15, to confirm their acceptance and intent to participate on their study abroad program.

Once a student has submitted their Official Leave Notification questionnaire, their name will be removed from the room selection process in the spring before they go on leave. Instead, students who will be on leave in the fall but returning to campus the following spring will be prompted to complete a Spring Intention Survey form. A link to this form will be emailed during April of the spring before you go on fall leave.

All students who apply for spring housing will be placed on a housing preference waitlist in lottery number order. Every effort is made to accommodate the requests of students with vacancies as well as returning students needing housing. Students returning to campus in the spring should anticipate being required to live on campus. In the event students cannot be accommodated, off-campus permissions will be granted to some students through an online application process that will be linked in an email from RLO.