The college provides self-serve laundry facilities at no cost for the entire student body during the academic year. 

During the summer the laundries are coin operated.

There are about 150 high efficiency washers and dryers available for student use located in residence hall laundry rooms across campus. All laundry rooms remain available 24/7 during the academic year and are accessible only with a valid college ID.

For questions regarding laundry, contact the Residence Life Office at

High Efficiency Machines

High efficiency machines conserve energy and water and reduce the amount of detergent needed. Using conventional detergent creates a high volume of suds that will trip sensors on the machines and turn them off. Residents must provide their own High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent, fabric softener, laundry basket and other laundry supplies you might need.

Machine Availability

All laundry rooms will be equipped with the application. This Web app allows you to find available washers and dryers at any location on campus. Once you have started a load of laundry, you can check LaundryView at any time to see if your cycle is complete or how many minutes remain.

LaundryView is particularly useful at peak usage times, when you might have to wait for a machine. The number of machines and different campus locations should keep wait times to a minimum, but inevitably there will be higher- and lower-usage times. 

The LaundryView app also allows the college to identify malfunctioning machines quickly.

Service & Repair

With 150 machines in regular use, there will always be some machines that are out of order. We make every effort to identify and repair these promptly.  

Contact the Residence Life Office at with any washer or dryer concerns including the washer or dryer number.

Lost or Left Clothing

If you are not in the laundry room when your washer or dryer cycle ends, another student may choose to remove your clothes so that he or she may use them.

Each laundry room is equipped with cubbies into which students may place left clothing.

Staff will remove clothes that have been left in a laundry room periodically in order to keep the spaces clean and navigable. If left unclaimed, eventually these clothes are donated to local aid agencies.

Laundry Self-Service Facilities