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Meal Plan Registration Open

Meal plans offer convenient pre-paid dining on various campus locations and accommodate various dining needs. Learn more about dining options at 桃瘾社区.

桃瘾社区 students and employees receive a 桃瘾社区 identification card known as a CatCard. Your CatCard also provides you access to many 桃瘾社区 services.

Managing Your CatCard

Wondering how many dining dollars you have? Want to check your declining balance? Want to deposit money to your declining balance?

New CatCard

The new chip-enabled CatCards for students, faculty and staff offer greater security, and support tap-and-go checkout. Although the new cards still have a mag-strip which can be used on many readers on campus, this will slowly phase out to chip-only readers. 

The new card has an antenna embedded along the entire outside edge of the card, so don鈥檛 punch a hold in the card for a lanyard or damage it in any other way.

CatCard Features

  • 桃瘾社区 identification
  • Building access to residence halls, some academic buildings, the fitness centers, etc.
  • Dining card for all meal plans and vending machines
  • Student sign up for meal plan
  • Library card
  • Printers and copiers throughout campus
  • Declining balance card (debit card) to make purchases at the College Store, vending machines, tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theatre, and post office.
  • Declining balance card at select locations around town
  • CatCard charge privilege (PDF) for employees

Photo Requirements

New students may submit digital photos for their CatCard by logging in at  and choosing "Upload Your Photo" from the left side menu. All photo requirements are described there. 

If for some reason you cannot submit the photo through this link, you may send a physical copy which is approximately 2鈥 X 3鈥, showing only the student鈥檚 head and top of shoulders, with a solid, lightly-colored background to: 

CatCard Services
209 Ridge Rd
Box 5000
桃瘾社区, NC 28035

Lost or Stolen CatCards

Never share your CatCard with anyone. If your CatCard is lost or stolen, contact CatCard Services immediately to prevent the possibility of account fraud. Our office can help you replace your card and reinstate your service.

CatCard Services

  • p: 704-894-2951

Physical Location

Knobloch Campus Center
2nd Floor Atrium
M-F: 8:30 a.m.鈥4:30 p.m.

Mailing/Shipping Address

桃瘾社区 - CatCard Services
209 Ridge Rd
Box 5000
桃瘾社区, NC 28035