The 桃瘾社区 Archives, Special Collections, & Community (ASCC) team offers you the opportunity to research primary sources, including archival materials, manuscripts, rare books and music, to understand our present and inform our future.


Questions about 桃瘾社区 history, collaborating with our staff, using items from our collections, or donating materials?

Many answers can be found in our and our . We can also be reached at or 704-894-2158.


Advisory Statement

The 桃瘾社区 Archives & Special Collections contain materials originally published in yearbooks, newspapers, and other 桃瘾社区 publications. You may encounter upsetting racist, oppressive, and outdated representations in these documents. They are included for historical accuracy and do not represent the views of the current 桃瘾社区 community, which honors the dignity of all persons and commits itself to a quest for truth and the building of a more just and humane future.