Around the World in 100 Photos: Student Images Offer Glimpse of Life Abroad

Ximen Crossing in Taipei

The winner of this year's Bliss Photo Contest, "Ximen Crossing," was submitted by Clyde Dwyer '25 to the Movement & Transportation Category.

From bustling metropolitan cities to desert valleys to Alpine villages, 桃瘾社区 students travel the world to expand their educational horizons and develop cultural connections. The Bliss Photo Contest brings their experiences to a broader audience.

Hosted by the Dean Rusk International Studies Program, the Bliss Photo Contest honors the memory of Professor Emeritus of English Frank W. Bliss Jr. Bliss was an avid photographer and faculty advisor to the 桃瘾社区 Photography Club for many years. His passion for photography was matched by his love of international travel and education. 

The top three photos are selected by a jury and are then featured at the Verna Miller Case Research and Creative Works Symposium. 

Featured below are some of the more than 100 contest entries. 

First Place Winner
Ximen Crossing in Taipei

鈥淴imen Crossing鈥 

Clyde Dwyer '25
Category: Movement & Transportation 

Second Place Winner
 Child taking a sip of water in Switzerland Status message

鈥淭aking a Sip鈥 

Neve Rauscher '26
Category: Food & Fun 

Third Place Winner
Surfers from above in Sydney

鈥淪urfers from Above鈥 

Mallory Justis '24
Category: Food & Fun 

Community Vote Winners

Landscape in Argentina

鈥淚ntermission at the Oasis鈥

Kerem Atas '26
Category: The Natural World 

Lake scene in Nepal

鈥淚n front of the Holy Lake鈥

Kaiyan Wang '24
Category: The Human Dimension 

Photo through train window in Osaka


Kendal Durkin '26
Category: Movement & Transportation

Person breathing fire in Ghana

鈥淭he Firebender's Apprentice鈥

Nick Paramythiotis '24
Category: Food & Fun

Additional Submissions

A festival of Movement submitted to Bliss Photo Contest of lanterns and people in Japan

"A Festival of Movement" by Belle Mckissick Staley '26

a male wearing athletics throws a soccer ball while in an indoor field

"Gaelic Football at Ulster University (Northern Ireland)" by Sydney Schertz '24

a green park with trees and a path through the middle

"A Quick Stroll Through the Grounds of Windsor Castle" by Lizabella Nadelson '24

a ship on water on a sunny day

"Following The Sun in Antalya, Tu虉rkiye" by Jayme Rodriguez '26

a table filled with Vietnamese food

"Street Feast in Hanoi: Canh Bu虂n Amidst the City's Culinary Pulse" by Duc-Anh Hoang '24

a desert scene at sunset

"Wadi Rum Before Sunset" by Siobhan Kelley '26

a view of the Cairo city line

"The looming past in Cairo" by Elias Henderson '24

a juice cart on a street in Colombia

"Sippin' Sweet in Cartagena, Colombia" by Georgia Hall '25


  • July 2, 2024