Access 桃瘾社区 2024 will take place Sunday, September 15 through Tuesday, September 17.

This is a selective college visit program designed for high school seniors from historically excluded racial and ethnic groups, those who are first in their family to attend college, and students from rural or low-income backgrounds.

This program is only open to students living and attending high school in the United States and Puerto Rico. Students who have not been on an official visit to campus will be prioritized for participation.

Access 桃瘾社区 will be held on campus this coming September. 桃瘾社区 will cover the cost of transportation to and from campus, meals, and overnight accommodations for program participants.


The Access 桃瘾社区 Application is Now Live!

The application is due on Friday, August 2 at 6 p.m. EST

What to Expect

Access 桃瘾社区 provides prospective students with an opportunity to hear from current students, faculty, and staff over the course of their stay. Sessions may include opportunities to:

  • Learn about the diversity, equity, and inclusion work happening on campus
  • Hear from those leading 桃瘾社区鈥檚 affinity student organizations
  • Connect with admission and financial aid officers
  • Participate in 桃瘾社区 student activities
  • Attend an in-person or virtual class

How to Apply

To apply for the program, students must complete the following steps:

  • Submit a complete
  • Upload a transcript that includes your final grades from 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years
  • Upload a copy of your 2024 鈥 2025 academic year schedule

We will notify students if additional information is needed.

Hear from a current 桃瘾社区 student about her Access 桃瘾社区 experience. Italy Ramos '25

How did Access 桃瘾社区 help you better understand 桃瘾社区?
鈥淚t showed me the true character of the community. Students who were once complete strangers took the time to answer my questions and share their own personal experiences with me. Now, those same students are individuals I see every day and have become my friends. The friendliness, honesty, and eagerness sincerely describes the community.鈥

What were some of the program highlights for you?
鈥淚 valued the mentorship aspect of Access 桃瘾社区. Having a personal mentor who was willing to meet with me and answer all of my questions really made the program standout. My mentor was accessible, knowledgeable, friendly and later became a good friend of mine. I also liked hearing from the College President and appreciated the chance to ask questions. It amazed me that they were willing to sit down and talk with us. It was very much reflective of the nature of the faculty and student relationships here at 桃瘾社区.鈥


Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our team with additional questions.